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The use of advanced artificial intelligence, big data analysis and machine learning technologies not only provides users with an efficient and intelligent transaction environment, but also ensures the security of funds and transaction data through multi-layer security protocols and encryption technology.

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Provides a series of advanced AI trading solutions, aiming to empower financial market participants to achieve more efficient and intelligent investment decisions through artificial intelligence technology.

AccGn AI

Full stack artificial intelligence platform

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AI grid trading platform

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About AccGn

AccGn is a leading artificial intelligence platform and service provider, focusing on the financial and digital currency industries. In 2020, it developed the country's first AI grid trading platform, AccGn, which has served tens of thousands of professional traders and been adopted by many leading institutions. AccGn subsidiary was established in 2021, and business mergers and upgrades were carried out in 2024. In February, AccGn LLC was established in Colorado, USA, and once again led the industry, taking the lead in launching the full-stack artificial intelligence platform AccGn AI, using artificial intelligence to empower enterprises and help Enterprises quickly implementing artificial intelligence upgrades to achieve greater business value.

Why AccGn?

Technology leadership

Full stack artificial intelligence platform, so that business personnel can use without barriers It supports more than tens of thousands of developers every month.

Domain depth understanding

The team has extensive financial and investment experience and has managed over $1 billion in assets.

Community ecology

The only AI platform with hundreds of thousands of community developers, strategic partnerships such as FutureTech Ventures, and AI talent training cooperation with multiple universities.

Artificial intelligence empowers human intelligence and creates differentiated investment competitiveness


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The use of digital technology is changing the narrative of financial markets.


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Five-year plan

Our great plan

Global presence: Target locations for the establishment of subsidiaries include Silicon Valley and New York in the United States, London and Berlin in Europe, and Singapore and Tokyo in Asia. These locations were selected because they are important global financial and technology hubs that offer AccGn rich resources and collaboration opportunities.

Second generation AI grid trading platform: The new platform will integrate more advanced self-learning algorithms that can automatically adjust trading strategies according to market conditions, improving trading efficiency and profitability. In addition, the platform will add user-friendly customization features that allow traders to set and adjust trading parameters according to their personal preferences.

Partner Program: Develop a comprehensive partner ecosystem that includes financial service providers, technology innovation companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. Through this program, AccGn will gain access to new technologies, market insights and business models to further drive the company's growth and innovation.

AI Research Institute: The Institute will be located in Silicon Valley and will collaborate with top universities and research institutions around the world to focus on solving core technical challenges in fintech, such as improving data encryption and processing speed through quantum computing.

Emerging Market strategy: In Asia and Africa, AccGn will work with local governments and financial institutions to develop fintech solutions that address the specific needs of these markets, such as promoting financial inclusion through mobile payment platforms.

Talent Development Program: Launch a global talent recruitment and training program, especially in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. AccGn will offer competitive compensation, equity incentives and personal development opportunities to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

Enterprise-class solutions: The services launched will include AI-based risk management tools, customer relationship management systems and supply chain optimization solutions. These services are designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams.

Fintech ecosystem: Through apis and software development kits (SDKS), third-party developers and startups are encouraged to build and test their own apps on the AccGn platform. AccGn will provide technical support, marketing and financing connectivity services to foster innovation and collaboration within the ecosystem.

Social Responsibility projects: Projects will focus on the use of AI technology to improve the quality of education, promote health care development, and support the growth of small and micro enterprises. Through cooperation with ngos and international institutions, AccGn hopes to translate its technological advantages into social value.

Startup Incubation Program: Establish a dedicated fund to support startups with breakthrough innovations in AI, blockchain, and sustainable technologies. In addition to financial support, AccGn will provide business consulting, technical resources and market access services.

Green Finance Program: Develop and promote financial products designed to support the Sustainable Development Goals, such as green bonds and sustainable investment funds. AccGn will also aim to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations and encourage partners and customers to adopt sustainable business practices.

Become an industry benchmark: Establish AccGn as the world's leading AI fintech platform through continuous technological innovation, market expansion and customer service optimization. Prepare to go Public: Complete preparation for the IPO, including financial audit, market positioning and investor relations. The listing will not only bring new capital and growth opportunities for AccGn, but is also a sign of the company's maturity and success.